Transforming Multi-line Insurance with IT Excellence

Aug–Nov 2021

Bloom Inc.

Discover how Ascend’s strategic IT solutions revolutionized operations for a leading Multi-line Insurance Provider, enhancing efficiency, service delivery, and innovation.

Years of continuous collaboration

Expert IT professionals formed the dedicated team

million USD yearly cost savings

Ascend’s partnership with the Multi-line Insurance Provider was a strategic move to address the pressing IT challenges posed by the provider’s rapid growth and the need for sophisticated technological capabilities. The collaboration was pivotal in transforming the insurance provider’s IT infrastructure, ensuring scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness. Ascend’s team, based in Mexico, brought unparalleled expertise in nearshore IT solutions, offering a blend of agility and affordability without compromising on quality. This strategic engagement was aimed at revamping the provider’s legacy systems, which were in dire need of modernization to keep up with the industry’s digital evolution. By focusing on enhancing Business Intelligence capabilities and web functionalities, Ascend enabled the insurance provider to harness the power of data more effectively and provide superior digital services to their clients.

This initiative was not just about IT support; it was a comprehensive transformation endeavor that leveraged Ascend’s deep understanding of the insurance sector’s unique demands and the latest technological innovations. The result was a more robust, efficient, and responsive IT ecosystem that could support the provider’s international expansion while delivering enhanced value to policyholders. Through this partnership, Ascend showcased its ability to tailor nearshore IT solutions that align perfectly with clients’ specific challenges and objectives, setting a new standard for IT excellence in the insurance industry.


Scaled operations with a diverse IT team to support business analysis, development, and database management.


Enabled multiple project executions simultaneously, showcasing versatile IT capabilities.


Delivered critical web portals and applications, improving agent and policyholder experiences globally.